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BMW 5 series limousine with driver

BMW 5 series limousine in the fleet of VECTOR3

The VECTOR3 chauffeur and limousine fleet is equipped with the most appropriate vehicles for performing professional driving services. The BMW 5 series is part of those vehicles. The BMW 5 Series (F10) refers to the upper middle class of the Bavarian car manufacturer BMW, which of course is made available to you by VECTOR3. The BMW 5 Series is a sports sedan based on the BMW 5 series and is now produced in the 5th generation. Let yourself be driven around by our VECTOR3 chauffeur team and enjoy the ride in this vehicle.

The production series F10 is the most recent one in the upper middle class of BMW and is similar to the 7 Series in many design details, such as the steep front and the numerous accents in the interior. VECTOR3 offers only the best and most exclusive experience to its passengers. The BMW 5 Series F10 is produced in Dingolfing in Lower Bavaria and was introduced on the European market in March 2010. The car is 4 cm longer than its predecessor and the wheelbase is 10 cm longer, which gives you more comfort and safety.

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Sit back and relax the chauffeur ride in one of our BMW 5 Series sedans, enjoy the luxury of the interior, the comfort and the coziness. “I n the interior elegance and dynamic mingle in a very fluid motion on the instrument panel and the doors. This is clearly noticeable, all the controls are ergonomically placed and designed at a high standard. You get in, and everything is right from the first moment. “Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of the BMW Group Design.

The vehicles in the VECTOR3 fleet are equipped with the latest technology, including the BMW 5 Series



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